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Learners License

Getting your learners license is the first step to independence. Follow the guidelines below to ensure you get your ticket to freedom.


·        Go to your nearest traffic department

·        Take along your ID, R68 (price may differ) and 2-4 ID size photos

·        Proof of residence (Utility bill not older than 3 months)

·        If you are unsure report at reception and ask for advice

·        Fill in a form, have your eyes tested and get the date when you can write your test.

·        When your time comes, go and write and Contact Us when you pass.


Need assistance to write your learners test? Go to our download page to get all you need to pass first time. (All codes)

  • Jerome-passed-1-June-2016
  • Clara-passed-7-July-2016
  • Sean-passed-15-August-2016
  • Marquin-passed-4-January-2017
  • Brandon-passed
  • Yagya-passed-9-January-2017
  • Allan_passed_10_June_2015
  • Azhar-passed-17-March-2017
  • Victoria-and-mom-28-December-2017
  • Ursula_passed_16_July_2015
  • Tristan-passed-14-April-2016
  • Tristan passed his drivers test this week
    Tristan passed his drivers test this week
  • Tom-passed-16-March-2016
  • Sydny and her mom
    Sydny and her mom
  • Stephanie_passed_28_April_2015

Drivers License

By now you are very eager to start driving. Let us take you through booking your drivers' test. The waiting period to get a driver's test appointment at the traffic department can be anything from 1 day to 3 months!

 Go to your nearest testing station to book an appointment

• Or call us! We offer a special service where we personally take you through to a testing station to book and make a recommendation where best to book your driver's test.

• Take along your ID, +- R135(This may increase), 4 ID size photos, proof of residence (not older then 3 months) and your learner driver certificate

• Report at a marked window or go to the reception and ask for advice if you are unsure

• Fill in a form, go for your fingerprints and your eye test

• This may take anything from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending how busy the traffic department is


You have to know your K53 observations and all parking procedures, as well as possess the ability drive confidently and safely while observing all the rules of the road. 

Download the PDF's below so you know what to expect. 


Click here   for traffic department booking waiting period

Contact Details:

Office: 021-928-8043 (Mon-Fri 8am-5pm & Sat 8am-1pm)


Cell082-990-5623 (After hours/sms/whatsapp)


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